The Guardian Guide 16 August 2006, Edinburgh Fringe
Pick of the Fringe
The Wilson Dixon Hour

Comic songs. More often than not, the very term is an oxymoron and the audience is left with, at best, aching muscles from maintaining a polite smile for five minutes. It’s a pleasure to report, then, that The Wilson Dixon Hour packs more laughs into the allotted time than one would think possible for a country and western singer in a cowboy hat, shades, and a very, very tight shirt.

The creation of Jesse Griffin, of celebrated comedy troupe The 4 Noels, Dixon is not so much a parody of mellow-voiced C&W icons such as Don Williams as an affectionate nod to the kind of homespun wisdom their songs impart. Of course, this being a comedy show, the wisdom tends towards the more surreal – a deconstruction of folksy sayings, for example, or a ballad concerning Dixon’s sister Darlene, whose attempt to combat loneliness by creating imaginary friends left her with two imaginary enemies. There’s no denying the warmth of the show, however. The Fringe may not have realized it was crying out for some TLC, but Wilson F. Dixon, self-professed country n’ western legend, is just the man to provide it, y’all.

Review by JT.

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