Rating: ★★★★☆

For an Antipodean, Jesse Griffin sure does a mighty fine job of pretending to be a guitar-slingin’ redneck from Colorado. His wonderfully laconic creation, Wilson Dixon, is a down-on-his-luck country and western singer with a philosophical turn of mind, the kind of fella who could make you laugh till the cows come home, but without actually meaning to. When his wife walks out on him and takes their kids to go and live with the local carpet salesman, Dixon ventures into the backwoods in search of his wise Uncle Claytus, a hippie-cum-survivalist, to ask advice.

Instead of telling him what to do, however, Claytus tells him The Story Of The Man With No Name, leaving him – and us – more than a little confused as to what it might mean. Dixon’s deadpan patter is gut-bustingly funny, but it’s his beautifully crafted songs that really impress. One of the finest bits of character comedy you’ll find on the Fringe.

By Roger Cox

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