So I was born Wilson F. Dixon in 1969 in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Cripple Creek is a beautiful part of the world – beautiful if you like rusted out cars, mountains, and waiting for nothing to happen. The F in my name didn´t actually stand for anything, so I dropped it when I turned 12. This was the age in my family that us kids (I got 4 brothers and a sister) were allowed to start making big decisions.

In the years that we all turned 12, my brother Jethro got a perm, I started to play guitar, my sister Darlene started kissing, and my brother Denis became a Shi´ite Muslim. (My Pa however enacted an old Family law, the “Dixon right of refusal” about that last one, and Denis was a shi´ite for only 2 days). My other brother Denis became a fundamentalist Christian – no Dixon law enacted there. This throws up a number of ethical questions that you can discuss amongst yourselves.

The year my brother Willard turned 12, he put all his savings (about $450) into a fledgling computer software company. He was always thinking big. About a year later, he withdrew his money and invested instead in “Rocky Mountain Rocks” a small company started by my Uncle Cleetus chiefly involved with searching through the hills for rocks that resembled The Partridge Family and selling them to tourists. Needless to say, Microsoft might´ve been a better bet.

I´ve been on the Country circuit for about twelve years now. I´ve played all over the world; throughout the U.S. and Canada, in Australia, N.Z., the U.K. and in Samoa. I play mainly solo shows, but sometimes also with my band Hard Cheese. This band comprises, at various times: Snake Wizzelteats, “Whoopsie” Daisy Rawlings, Beryl Hawkins, “Broke” Jack Mountain, Ruprect Wainwright, and Earl Scrote.

I´ve released a number of albums on my own record label Phoo-wee Records, including my most recent one, an album of love songs entitled “Soft Hands.” These are all available from the Cripple Creek general store. Just call up and ask for Wes Andersen, the proprietor. He also helped make a video for one of the tracks.

The world wide web isn´t, as some of you I´m sure would imagine it to be, a large spidery-like thing draped over the planet. Instead, it is a huge information system for delivering pornography and casino advertisements into your homes. It is also handy to book airplane flights. It was invented by Abraham Lincoln to communicate with his armies, or some computer studies college students in California invented it in the 1950´s for the purpose of sending each other pictures of their asses. I´m not sure. The world wide web isn´t actually a thing. It is all around us all of the time. Like air, or like a smell.

There is no gambling or pornography on this site. I´m not against either; I just think gambling is a fools game, and pornography to be dirty and falsely representative of real human relationships. I, for one, am not aware of any woman who has had 8 boyfriends at the one time.

Some people also call the web the net. I prefer to call it the neb. Or the wet.