1. Steve and Di

    Thanks for a great night at VK’s in Wellington. Despite the pot plant holder doubling as a stool! Great night.

  2. Peterpan

    I was curious so I checked and there are a lot of Dixons in the Cripple Creek area. I’ll look some up when I get back.

  3. Cokes

    As my daddy always said to me “there are 3 types of people in this world, ones that can count, and ones that cant”

  4. Jan

    ‘Mouthful of feathers
    and a pocket full of fluff.’ Best line ever in the country hall of fame. I lived in Missouri ( slightly near the Rocky Mountains) for a spell back in the last century and I wish you’d been there to entertain us. But you were probably just a kid then. Ever thought of visiting Northumberland? We have small mountains.

  5. Sean

    Heard you on BBC radio, I was in bed, nearly fell out laughin’.
    Hope you get plenty more fans in UK.
    Funniest guy I ever heard!

  6. Pete

    Hey WD!
    I have been a big fan of yours from the first time i heard “Life”.
    Everytime I meet someone I like I send them to hear your songs. I know there is no-one who can sing this like you but I’d like to try. Tho it would take lots of practice before I could play near people.
    Could you send me the lyrics and chords too please?
    Big thanks.

  7. Stu Napier

    “Baby you’re on my mind, like a big, thick heavy blanket, in the middle of a long hot night – I can’t kick you free”


    It’s getting “later” in 2014, When you coming over to the UK!!!!

  8. Sarah Strachan

    Hi was wondering if you are ever looking at doing a show in Christchurch. Look after yourself and look forward to hearing from you, cheers.

  9. Travis W

    I saw you on the internet yesterday…last night and today.. I can’t stop laughing. Wholly Crap I can’t remember when I laughed like that!! Do you have your chords and lyrics? Can you tell me the chords for NEVER and I USED to be Nostalgic? I don’t know how many times I’ve watched them..I cry

  10. Sagar

    Greetings from India.
    What an amazing and unique style of performance. You are awesome. Hope you tour India one day.

  11. Rajah


    Youre one of my all time favourite comedians! And i love some of the songs, theyre truly awesome. Can you tell me what kind of tune you use to play that song “the mirror”? I love that kind of tune, but no idea what its called. please sing more songs in that tune.. :)

  12. Sarah B

    You are my favourite comedian without doubt! Thanks! And please can you go on tour soon in UK

  13. Ur bruther Jimmy

    Hey dawg,

    When you coming to Brighton again to tell those old stories like the good ol days?

  14. Martin B137

    I heard your programme for the first time on BBC Radio4 Extra this evening. Absolutely brilliant! Laughed out loud. Best wishes for future work.

  15. J

    Mr Dixon.

    I have followed your web performances for a number of years (that number is two). Are you coming to the UK? It’s been a while since I laughed, austerity is biting.

    Please inform of upcoming hilarity.

    Yours waitingly,


    (p.s. I now own a pig, due to your expert advice, I have never let it know what I have been thinking)

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  17. doug

    enjoyed your show in wellington at the comedy festival – very good – can’t understand what the reviewer for the dom post was on – he is clearly a frustrated comic. just watch the bad language – it doesn’t make it any funnier if you say the f and m words – and your uncle claytus would not approve anyway

  18. nikki

    Great show tonight at Wellington opera house. Pat your dog biscuit for me when you get home, if we say ‘the B word’ in our house Bert gets all excited. Probably should clarify that Bert is my dog. It’s only fair.

  19. Rob Attfield

    You need to come down to Dunedin NZ, have seen a few of your gigs on late night tv and would be awesome to see you live!

  20. Shimmie

    I friggin love you!! Hahaa
    How do I post my pic of us at the Chch Buskers festival on here?

  21. HN

    having told people it is only polite to come to this section of your website, you had them come and leave a comment.
    i guess that’s what they call “flaif”.

  22. Ingrid

    Hello, you nearly killed me last night. I laughed so much I thought I might lose control of my bladder and have a heart attack at the same time, I was not prepared for this. You are almost a murderer…well done.

  23. Sarah

    Loved your performance at the Buskers festival in Christchurch last night, highlight of my week! Was only gutted I didnt get to say hello in person! Havent laughed that much in a long time :D

  24. North Darling

    You’ve got real trouble back here in northern Alberta. Your boys have been missing since Spring. I have done my best to find them but I fear they got caught up with Deaner and Terry. I will let you know if we hear anything, and you should do likewise. And consider a trip back here to clean up this mess you caused.

  25. Rural bloke

    rrr yeh your pretty good for a cow boy, most of them cant sing!!!! but your not bad, well, OK, your pretty good. But lets be honest. Who calls a horse Andrew?

  26. Kevin Beirne

    Hi there,
    I’m an Irish student and loads of my friends and I are huge fans of yours. Hope you know what a large audience you’ve reached and I sincerely hope to see you play soon.
    Thank you very much,
    Kevin B.

  27. Angelina

    Hi there,
    My son and I are huge fans of your work. Is there any chance of you coming back to NZ soon and maybe putting on a concert in Wellington or Palmerston North??

  28. Victoria

    HELLO! Huge fan! I can’t believe the fact that you are coming to auckland university to perform next week!!! I cant wait! Seriously! Will you be signing anything? Cause if so! I want to get ahead of the cue haha :) Seriously!


    See you soon!

  29. Jodie

    Howdy Mister Dixon. When are you coming back to the Edinburgh Fringe?? We miss you!!

  30. Emile

    Really looking forward to your show here in Auckland this Saturday, Wilson !

  31. Frank

    Fer sure I’d check out this here dern innernet. Oooo, what happens if I push that button over there

  32. Dan

    Hay Wilson,
    Just like to say I think your great at baylin hey. I know I’m upside down with they Hey Hay but sure thats what happens if ya spend your life in a barrell. You comin back to Ireland any time soon?

  33. Kara

    You sure do sing some pretty songs Mr Dixon. We’d love to show you some good old Southern hospitality. Hope to see you in Dunedin sometime.

  34. Thomas Ariawan

    Always love your performance. You are my top 3 performers along with Russell Peters and Danny Bhoy :)

    Say hi to Andrew!

  35. Ade Lees

    Hi all, I’m in England and I’ve been trying to watch the TV show on TVNZ ondemand but it wont play.. I’ve found a few torrent sites with the files on but again no joy. If anyone id able to put the whole 45 minute show on utube that would be awesome.. I loved the show since I first heard it on BBC Radio 2 a few years back. Cheers

  36. Fyshman

    Just got introduced to your wonderful deep and meaningful music on a fishing trip to NZ. Now my life is all catch and release.

  37. Name

    We stayed up late to watch your show. Now we think, life is like a Wilson Dixon concert on TV – do what makes you happy, but you might growled.

  38. Sarah & Dion

    Loved your show – watched it last night – haven’t laughed so much in a long time. Looking forward to seeing more shows! Keep us posted.

  39. Jean-Jac

    Great great. One day I’ll actually manage to catch one of your show while your NZ.

    Enjoyed your show last night and have been enjoying your music for a while now.”

    Thanks again great stuff

  40. Trilby

    Guess I’m not the first to tell you this, but you make me laugh. Best therapy ever. I just love how you take the mundane and make it even more mundane and insane with humour. :-) Wonderful. Thank you.

  41. Sandra Mac

    Oh crap, I thought this was “Wilson Phillips” web site…so sorry :O
    Oh well, now Im here it would be rude if I didnt leave a message for you…You have nice wrists :o) And the fella that plays the banjo has fantastic potential xxooxx

  42. Michael

    Mate, I love all your stuff from New Zealand. Watching it on TV over here is great, and I love how all the redneck stereotypes are in your songs. Funniest comedian out, been a huge fan since I first heard the song Life, and still sing it or quote it almost daily! Haha, you’re a legend. Keep up the good work!

  43. Hedge

    Just watching your show on TV2. Love the song “life”. keep up the great work. Ever thought of doing a show in little old whangarei?

  44. Bettina

    Mr. Dixton you sooo funny and clever, it also makes my right foot tap with bad rhythm – but only when you sing.

  45. Judy Tyler

    Hi. I am from New Zealand. Just wanted to say how much my husband and I enjoy listening to you whenever you are on TV over here.I see you are going to be gracing our screens again this coming week here. We will be tuned in. Thanks

  46. Drew Moyzee

    You are by far the funniest of commedians i have ever heard and really hope you do a uk tour soon i have shown over 100 people your clips from you tub and every single person was in hysterics
    P.S the song you sang on rhod gilberts bulging barrel of laughs “more than words” will it be released soon cause that is my favourite..

    • Wilson Dixon

      Hi Drew
      Hopefully some UK dates toward the end of 2012. I will keep fools posted on wilsondixon.com.
      The song More Than Words will be on my next album – due for release early 2013.
      Thanks for the feedback. Regards, WD

  47. Robin Glasco

    Wilson, We Might have something in common, I play guitar about like you, kind of half assed. I am in Mexico right now, trying to keep my head and trying to make a few pesos playing the local bars. I am going back to Cripple Creek next week. Been there for 20 years and don’t think I’ve met any Dixons. I’ll look in the phone book. Robin

  48. Dougie

    Keep up the good work!!! Just moved back to “sunny” Scotland and it needs some of your awesomness!!! See you soon hopefully.

  49. Crapfreddy

    Looking forward to seeing you at the weekend in sunny hawkes Bay. Will be our 4th time so I hope you’ve got some new material! Not that that the old stuff doesn’t bear repeating…

  50. cityslika

    you should come on down to our little old country town. well its like a country town only its no where near the country and theres not a lot of town left. Christchurch needs a laugh wilson d

  51. Lucia

    I just saw your “Life” song on facebook. It was like when my grandma’s fake teeth fall in the soup: totally unexpected, but funny aswell. You rule, keep it up!

  52. carl roberts

    You did BBC radio slot cuplo years ago.
    Heard the genius song ‘horse with no name.
    Is it on one of your albums – if so which one.
    Please also tell me its the extended version & not the shoter one re i see there are 2 versions of it on youtube.
    Where can i buy the extended concert version ?
    Arch Stanton

  53. Dunco

    Just discovered your bad self through the magic of Facebook. A friend suggested I would find you funny when sending me a link to ‘Life’. I did and have now forwarded links to a load of people I know. Best thing I’ve seen for ages.
    All the best.

  54. Ric Windham

    as a fellow american and comic song writer you are a big influeance on myself and i thank you for that, do you remeber performing after me in NZ?

  55. Matt

    Made a dull afternoon at work into a wonderful laugh fest thanks to you tube.


  56. Chloe

    You are literally the funniest guy on this earth!. My life would be a whole lot more entertaining if everybody had a sence of humour like yours, love it!!

    ps. Come back to New Zealand, and come to Dunedin, we love you over here!xo

  57. Marty

    just heard one of your songs on the way to work today, unsure of exact title but something like ‘things aint what they used to be” ?? can you tell me where I can get a copyof this, ie is it on one of your albums,,

    Very very funny

    • WilsonDixon

      I think the song you’re referring to is “I used to be nostalgic in the good old days”
      This song isn’t available on any albums. I’ve thought about it, but every time I go to put it on an album, even though I remember the song fondly, I don’t think it’s actually as good as I think it is.
      There are 2 albums available: Wilson Dixon’s Greatest Hits and Introducing Wilson Dixon from here: http://www.wilsondixon.com/merchandise/

  58. Kev Texas

    You’re a legend, Wilson. Keep bringing us your stories. Best thing to happen to the world of Country Music since sliced squirrel.

  59. James

    Hey Wilson… One thing, I do in fact say potarto. but only since you sang your song. great comedian! love your work!

  60. Beverley

    You are just great, love your songs and your very dry sense of humour. always worth a watch and always giggle :))

  61. Martin

    I don’t have a comment, I have a question. When the man who invented the drawing board failed, what did he go back to?

    Like your show. Always a crack up.

  62. georgia

    just want to say you are the funnest guy with a guitar i have ever heard your great !!!! you make me laugh so much !!!!!

  63. Nicky & Charlene

    You are sooooooooooooo funny… Thanks for the laughs


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