Date of review: May 2008 Wilson Dixon is the latest entrant to comedy’s country music hall of fame, following in the rhinestone cowboy boots of Otis Lee Crenshaw, Tina C, and countless genuine musicians who don’t take their chosen genre … Continued

The Scotsman

Rating: For an Antipodean, Jesse Griffin sure does a mighty fine job of pretending to be a guitar-slingin’ redneck from Colorado. His wonderfully laconic creation, Wilson Dixon, is a down-on-his-luck country and western singer with a philosophical turn of mind, … Continued

Wilson Dixon Rides Again The Classic Studio, Auckland Date: 7 May 2007 Wilson Dixon (AKA Jesse Griffin of the acclaimed comedy group, ‘The 4 Noels’) is a singing cowboy character from Cripple Creek, who is a little odd, a little … Continued

The Press

Country ‘Star’ Shines Bright The Press, Christchurch NZ World Buskers Festival, Comedy Theatre Series, Repertory Theatre. Date: 22 Jan 2007 Wilson Dixon Hour (R18) With a loving tip of the Stetson to country music and a genius gift for stating … Continued

The Guardian Guide

The Guardian Guide 16 August 2006, Edinburgh Fringe Pick of the Fringe The Wilson Dixon Hour Comic songs. More often than not, the very term is an oxymoron and the audience is left with, at best, aching muscles from maintaining … Continued

Three Weeks

Three Weeks, Edinburgh Date: August 2006 The Wilson Dixon Hour, The Underbelly Rating: That ‘The Wilson Dixon Hour’ takes place in an almost completely dark cave just serves to illuminate Wilson Dixon’s talent more brightly. Carrying through a country and … Continued

Herald on Sunday

Herald on Sunday, Auckland NZ James McOnie’s column Date: May 14, 2006 Local Laughs (5-Star Comedy Review: Rhod Gilbert, Steven K Amos, Addy van der Bourgh, Andy Parsons, Wilson Dixon, hosted by Phil Nichol) There’s every chance the best acts … Continued

DB Magazine

Wilson Dixon and Band The Famous Spiegeltent, Adelaide Fringe Festival Date: Mon 27 Feb 2006 Introduced as a “man without a past but one hell of a future”, Wilson Dixon, guitar in hand and tight fitting satin cowboy shirt, casually … Continued

The Nelson Mail

The Wilson Dixon Hour Nelson Arts Festival, New Zealand, Oct 2005. Wilson Dixon is the ingeniously funny creation of Australian Jesse Griffin. He is a likeable country hick who proves that country music and redneck banter can be music to … Continued